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Building Talent at APS

Exciting developments are on its way… APS has officially kicked off its work to become a manufacturing 4.0 company.  To do this, we will continuously focus on developing the talent within and add to our technical team. 

The newest addition to APS is Toan Nguyen, a Mechanical Engineering Intern, joining us from The University of Houston’s Cullen College of Engineering.  Toan will be helping us with various manufacturing automation projects designed to create a next generation machine shop through 3D modeling, data gathering, and visualization.  We are looking forward to our work with Toan and building an ongoing relationship with The University of Houston.

Developing the talent within, is a strong priority for APS.  We’ve recently began our very own “Apprenticeship 4.0” program.  This program will build up our machinists’ talents, creating next generation machinists.  We are conducting weekly training ‘lunch-and-learns’ in office by leveraging subject matter experts either at APS or our partner companies.  In addition to the weekly lunch-and-learns, our machinists will be attending trainings outside of the office.  For example, one training that the team attended is with Shape Design Technology, where they learned about Esprit software.

Lots of great developments ahead.  Stay tuned to hear more about APS’ Apprenticeship 4.0 program.

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