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Checklist of Items Needed to Quote a Part

When it comes to reducing lead times, transparency and open communication are the keys to success. It’s important to identify all of your needs upfront to your vendor/supplier for the fastest and best results.

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Capabilities of The B0205-III Tsugami Swiss Machine


APS Plastics & Manufacturing (APS) recently invested in new equipment and powerful software to drive it - the B0205-III Tsugami Swiss Machine and ESPRIT CAD/CAM software - which resulted in dramatic improvements in production, including:

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The Future: Made in Houston

It’s summertime in Houston, and mixed in with the stifling humidity, there is hopefulness in the air.

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New Technology in APS Equipment


Increase in Production, Faster Process, and Higher Quality Finish

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Checklist of Items to Communicate to Your Supplier to Reduce Lead Time

In an ideal world, the mission critical parts you need from your machine shop supplier would be at your receiving dock with the wave of a magic wand.  We don’t live in the magic world (yet). However, there are some things you can do to get the critical parts you need as soon as possible. This involves setting up your machine shop supplier for success, so they can help you meet your scheduled goals.

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APS Offering Complimentary Needs Analysis

APS Plastics & Manufacturing is offering “Complimentary Needs Analysisto help evaluate your machined parts supply chain and current suppliers, by identifying areas for improvement in:

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A New Line of High Performance, Customizable Adhesives

APS Plastics is proud to announce it is now carrying Lattice Composites line of high performance, customizable adhesives.  Lattice has proprietary formulations designed to produce superior performance by engineering adhesives to fit your company’s specific needs.

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