Manufacturing Design

Upon completion of Mechanical and Material Designs, the final stage for your project will be the Manufacturing Design. Manufacturing Design aims to remove complexity, reduce cost, shorten product development lifecycle, and create manufacturing to consistently achieve quality levels you expect.

APS can use both traditional and advanced approaches in the manufacturing process.

Each of our skilled machinists is empowered to be creative and flexible; they are encouraged to re-define and test the process until the desired outcome is achieved.

Quality at APS is the foundation of the business. We take great pride in providing machined components of outstanding appearance and quality, all while meeting the agreed upon performance goals. In addition to this uncompromising dedication to quality and performance, APS is vigilant about timely delivery. Our service promise of “quality and timely delivery” has allowed APS to become a leader in the growing field of engineered plastic and composites manufacturing.



APS specializes in the manufacture of small, intricate parts with complex requirements. Our CNC machines capabilities are:

0.05” to 26” diameter on lathes

0.05” to 12” diameter on mills

Machining tight tolerances down to 0.0005”

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APS is in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System International Standard for the industry.  Quality at APS is the foundation of the business. APS has a strong reputation for its dedication to the “Total Quality Management Program,” which measures quality well beyond meeting customer specifications. It includes excellent presentation, cleanliness, packaging, shipping, accurate documentation, and customer satisfaction. The APS Quality Control (QC) department utilizes regularly calibrated static, dynamic, and electronic measuring devices to assure parts are manufactured “to the print” and within tolerance.

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APS Equipment

Our inventory of manufacturing equipment includes the latest CNC lathes and vertical machining centers which are carefully maintained to ensure that precise tolerances can be achieved.

CNC Turning Centers CNC Mills
  • 2007 KIA SKT400C
  • 2007 KIA SKT21
  • 2007 KIA KIT450
  • 2006 KIA KIT100
  • 2005 HAAS KIA SL30
  • 2007 HAAS SUPER VF2
  • 2005 HAAS VF4
  • 2006 HAAS SUPER VF3