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APS Plastics CEO Serves on GHP’s Advanced Manufacturing Workgroup

APS Plastics CEO, Mush Khan, served on the Greater Houston Partnership’s (GHP) Advanced Manufacturing Workgroup – comprised of Houston’s manufacturing industry leaders. The group’s goal was to identify ways the Houston area can become the world leader for advanced manufacturing.

The team first identified plastics manufacturing as well as machinery and components as potential high growth areas.

  • Plastics Manufacturing: Plastics product manufacturing, including packaging, pip, sheets, bottles, etc.
  • Machinery and Components: Machinery and components from the most basic to more advanced and specialized (ex. Plastics processing)

With that in mind, the team recruited Boston Consulting Group to help develop a study on this subject through research and industry leader interviews. Key findings included several industry areas that were poised for growth based on existing strengths for Houston, including:

  • Infrastructure
  • Workforce
  • Capital availability
  • Economic environment
  • Innovation resources

After several months of the GHP Advanced Manufacturing Workgroup meetings and research, Mush is now going to take a leadership role in helping to develop the workforce element. That is, to develop the environment to build an “exponential manufacturing workforce,” which was one of the success factors in Houston to becoming a leading advanced manufacturing center.



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