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Worker 4.0

Much has been written about Industry 4.0 and its subset Manufacturing 4.0. But there is not a lot written about the people required to meet this changing landscape of making things. Where are the 4.0 workers? In the last blog, I wrote about The Future of Meaningful Work – how leaders and designers must rethink the way they create the machines and systems in the new industrial world. There is a companion part of this effort: to help create the industrial worker for the new manufacturing revolution: WORKER 4.0.

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Building Talent at APS

Exciting developments are on its way… APS has officially kicked off its work to become a manufacturing 4.0 company.  To do this, we will continuously focus on developing the talent within and add to our technical team. 

Topics: Insider Communication technology apprenticeship 4.0 manufacturing 4.0 Industry 4.0