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Mush is the CEO of APS Plastics. He understands that our customers need a supplier that is reliable, trustworthy, produces quality parts, proactively communicates, and sincerely cares for them. He enjoys helping the team grow and improve so that APS can help its customers do their jobs well. His positive attitude, strategic outlook, energy, and genuine care for engaging his team are motivating – empowering people to be their very best. Leading this passionate APS family has taught Mush to ask good questions, be curious, and assume there is always a way to solve a problem.

Recent Posts by Mush Khan:

The Future: Made in Houston

It’s summertime in Houston, and mixed in with the stifling humidity, there is hopefulness in the air.

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Worker 4.0

Much has been written about Industry 4.0 and its subset Manufacturing 4.0. But there is not a lot written about the people required to meet this changing landscape of making things. Where are the 4.0 workers? In the last blog, I wrote about The Future of Meaningful Work – how leaders and designers must rethink the way they create the machines and systems in the new industrial world. There is a companion part of this effort: to help create the industrial worker for the new manufacturing revolution: WORKER 4.0.

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The Future of Meaningful Work

Over the past few years, most of us have heard a variety of technology trends that will soon displace, or at least disrupt, traditional jobs.  One of the most impactful trends is “automation,” which promises to eliminate many well-paying jobs.  There are numerous examples of automation, including self-driving trucks and robotics in manufacturing.

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Houston, I love you.

A piece by our CEO, Mush Khan

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