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Bringing You the Most Advanced Winding Resins

APS Plastics & Manufacturing and Lattice Composites have teamed up to bring you the most advanced winding resins on the market.  

Our proprietary resins have several key benefits to help reduce your filament winding operational costs: 

  • Single component resin, resulting in:
    • Extended pot life
    • Virtually no waste (compared to traditional resins producing 30% plus waste)
    • Cost savings
  • 45 to 60 minute cure time, resulting in:
    • Increased throughput
  • Up to 20% less carbon fiber used, resulting in:
    • Dramatically lowered total cost (since carbon fiber is the biggest cost component of a filament winded part)
  • Zero VOC’s and no off-gassing, resulting in:
    • Less exposure for employees

winding resin key benefits.jpg

Want to learn more about our winding resin or find ways to reduce your filament winding operational costs? Contact us today at (281) 378-5992 or Sales-Dept@apsplastics.biz


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