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CEO, Mush Khan, Panelist Speaker at Business Owners Leadership Dynamics

APS Plastics is proud to announce that our CEO, Mush Khan, will be a panelist speaker for the Business Owners Leadership Dynamics (BOLD) event on Wednesday, November 1st.

The event’s main focus is: “How to build a world-class sales and marketing machine for your business.” It provides great networking for business owners and the opportunity to interact with the panel raising questions or issues that have broad interest.

BOLD will consist of three (3) panels:

Panel 1: Attracting and Building a world-class sales team

Panel 2: Effectively Managing and Motivating Sales Superstars

Panel 3: Aligning sales and marketing to achieve amazing results

Mush Khan will be a speaking as a panelist during the third panel: “Aligning sales and marketing to achieve amazing results,” sharing the stage with:

He will bring excellent insights to the conversation with his experiences in CEO roles and strength in business strategy focused on helping companies accelerate growth and improve performance.

We are excited for the opportunity to be involved in this event. Best of luck to Mush, all speakers, and the BOLD event team.


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