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Rethinking The American Shop Class

APS Plastics has recently partnered with KIPP Sunnyside High School to help grow their "Engineering Design Kitchen" (EDK) program. The EDK program teaches students basic engineering and making skills. It's a great opportunity to allow students to put their imagination to work and make things by hand.

The demise of the American shop class has been very apparent in the last decade, leading to a decline in skilled trades in the workforce. We need to bring it back.

Summed up perfectly, is an excerpt from A Critical Review of Matthew Crawford's Shop Class as a Soulcraft

"...the skilled trades are undervalued in America. They are undervalued in the American educational system that has systematically eliminated shop class. They are undervalued in the collective consciousness that views them as lowly, "blue collar," dirty, unprofessional. But, the funny thing is that there is one place where they are actually not undervalued at all, and that is in the marketplace, which has seen a greater and greater demand for the skilled craftsman, be he a carpetender, electrician, machinist, mechanic, and so on. On account of his being in demand, the skilled tradesman has his choice of jobs, needs answer to no one, and earns a living wage, perks that are to be scoffed at in this economic environment."

Read APS's recent blog post called Worker 4.0 to dive deeper into this subject.

Our CEO, Mush Khan, plans to lead the efforts to help grow KIPP Sunnyside High School's EDK program. He plans to introduce TXRX Labs' maker space team in Houston and KIPP's EDK team, to see if there is a potential for collaboration. Can we re-approach what shop class used to be? What can shop class be for ALL Houston high schools? This is just the beginning of our journey... We are still exploring, learning, and rethinking.

Stay tuned for updates to come soon on the TXRX Labs and KIPP Sunnyside EDK meet-up.


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